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Lili Ledy was the premier toy company in Mexico and had the rights to G.I. Joe, Star Wars and Stretch Armstrong. Due to Mexican law at the time Lili Ledy would gain the rights to the toys and produce them in Mexico

Every Mego figure Ledy produced was a variation on a US one. Often wrongly percieved as knock-offs, Ledy figures are an interesting and exciting chapter in the Mego saga

If you have any figures(loose or boxed) not mentioned here, or variations of them please contact me!

NOTE: New Gallery Pages added October 2010

Ledy Figures
(Click to Enlarge)

ledrob.jpg (116662 bytes)

lili ledy batman

lsupe.jpg (90122 bytes)
lili ledy aquaman
Ledy Robin (green shoes) Batman Superman Aquaman
Shazam Captain America (regular shield) Hombre Arana Super Nina
lili ledy catwoman
acsno.gif (70394 bytes)
Marvila Gatubela Batchica Penguino
lilyledymyx.jpg border=
lili Ledy riddler
Mr. Myx Acerjito Fist Fighter
Hombre De Hierro Fist Fighter Fleche Verde Fist Fighter
lili Ledy riddler
tarz.jpg (150369 bytes)
Guason Fist Fighter
Tarzan Fist Fighter
Halcon Fist Fighter Eagle Shield Captain America?
robin 1.jpg (150369 bytes)
Boxed Aquaman (NEW!)
Boxed Robin
Boxed Batman Boxed Pinguino
robin 2.jpg (150369 bytes)
Boxed Aquaman Back
Boxed Robin Back
Boxed Batman Back Boxed Pinguino Back
shazam 1.jpg (150369 bytes)
Boxed Superman
Boxed Shazam!
Boxed Supergirl Boxed Captain America
shazam 2.jpg (150369 bytes)
Boxed Superman Back
Boxed Shazam!Back
Boxed Supergirl Back Boxed Captain America Bacl
marvila 2.jpg (150369 bytes)
Boxed Marvila
Marvila Back

Ledy Variations

Mega Collector Luis Felipe has provided the boxed Ledy shots, way to go Luis! You're the envy of mego-heads everywhere! He has sent me these files which explain the differences in Ledy over the tears of production, as you can see type 1's have coarser outfits

R1.jpg (116662 bytes)

R2.jpg (87693 bytes)

R3.jpg (90122 bytes)
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

S1.jpg (116662 bytes)

S2.jpg (87693 bytes)

S3.jpg (90122 bytes)
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

This Awesome new section is thanks to my friend Luis Feilpe one of Mexico's foremost Mego Collectors. This is probably the first time this stuff has ever been seen.

Most of these Knock Offs use a crude copy of the Mego star Trek body, I own a variation of the Kirk and they are extremely flimsy. These things came out of Mexico long after Mego's demise and despite the fact that they are made with little to no care, they are highly collectible. Other subjects include Mazinger, the Keeper form Star Trek, Mighty Thor and The Gorn!

If you have any figures(loose or boxed) not mentioned here, or variations of them, please contact me!

Knock Off Figures
(Click to Enlarge)

mexican captain kirk knock off

batman knock off

knspiderman.jpg (90122 bytes)
knkaliman.jpg (106603 bytes)
Captain Kirk Batman Spiderman Kaliman

krobin.jpg (116662 bytes)

capko.jpg (87693 bytes)

kcap.jpg (87693 bytes)

kcap.jpg (87693 bytes)

Robin Captain America Lion-O (thundercats) General Urko


Cipsa (who also had the rights to Mattels Big Jim AKA Kid Acero and Matt Mason Lines,) carried Megos Planet of the Apes line and made several variations. The most major and strange change was to market the apes without pants, the source of humour for years, the mentality must have been that the legs were already coloured and you save some points but not including them.

The body style is almost identical to a mego type 2 Ape body, however the heads reflect a somewhat cruder design. Cipsa redid some of mego's packaging artwork (they did similiar revisions to Jack Kirby's Big Jim PACK art) or simply created their own, they packaged the figures in large boxes they had also used for the Gabriel Lone Ranger line.

In 1996, Toy Dealer Mike King had a large find of boxed items from this line, prior to this discovery it was relatively unknown. Supply of the MIB items has pretty much dried up and didn't seem to meet demand.

There are five figures in the line and a great number of playsets (including the Horse, Catapult and Wagon which was exclusive to Mexico and Canada). The Allan Virdon figure was remodelled into "Bill" most likely the hero of the Deptie Freling "Return to the Planet of the Apes Cartoon".

Cipsa Dolls
(Click to Enlarge)

mxgo.jpg (233334 bytes)
cipsa general ursus
cipsa zaius
cipsa cornelius
Gral Urko Soldato Ursus Dr.Zauis Cornelius
cipsa bill from planet of the apes
bill.jpg (52366 bytes)
images/mxurk.jpg border= mxcobox.jpg border=
Bill (Came with Rifle) Bill Box Boxed Urko Cornelius Box
images/trono.jpg (103186 bytes)
mxrock.jpg border=
jaula.jpg mxurbox.jpg
Throne Jail
Battering Ram
Ursus Box
mxhorse.jpg border=
Boxed Horse, Catapult and Wagon Boxed Treehouse


A third player in Mexico was Ensueno who picked up two Mego lines in the early eighties as Mego had world wide rights to the Superheroes.

The twelve inch line made by Ensueno had a flying action (I don't know how it works) and included Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Mighty Mouse (!).

The Elastic Heroes were a rehash of Megos elastic Heroes and included Plastic Man, Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

ensuno.jpg(16274 bytes)

Boxed Examples

mex12bat.jpg border=
Mex Batman

esup.jpg border=

enspid.jpg border=

Hombre Arana

eplas.jpg border=

Plastic Man Elastic Hero

enssupe.jpg border=

Super Man Elastic Hero

Got something I don't have? Please don't be shy and send me a pic

Questions or Comments?

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SPECIAL THANKS to Jesus Magana for letting me pick his brain daily, pics and for being the amazing friend he has become to me, Genaro Poszos for being a pal and trying to teach me Spanish, Mike Holub for getting me hooked on Mexican toys (My Wife thanks you too Mike), MegoSteve (for motivation and for having so much patience!) and the folks at Bluechiptoys for Without them I wouldn't have my precious Ledy tarzan. Thanks guys without your invaluable help, support and knowledge of this stuff this page would not have been possible.

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