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In the late seventies, Japanese toy giant Popy began selling boxed versions of Mego's top selling dolls, seeing the success they were in the states, Popy made their own line of 8" dolls based on Japanese Superheroes.

Ultraman is one of the best known superheroes worldwide, Kamen Rider is a long running series that was released here as "Masked Rider", Gatchaman is beloved to North Americans as Battle of the Planets and Battle Fever J is a "fiveman" concept show which later evolved into "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

The toughest to find in the Popy series is Battle Fever Kenya but thanks to Joe Derouen we have shots of this elusive figure

It's Interesting to note that Spiderman had his own series in Japan where he had his own car and robot, there are many toys based on this series by Popy.If you have any figures(loose or boxed) not mentioned here, or variations of them, please contact me, I would like pix!!

Popy Figures
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battle fever kenya
Battle Fever Cossack Battle Fever Japan Battle Fever France Battle Fever Kenya
battle fever kenya mego
battle fever kenya mego
Battle Fever Kenya Popy Battle Fever Kenya Popy Ultraman Jonias Kamen Rider 1
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Kamen Rider V3 Ken Owashi (Gatchaman) Back of Box Japanese Batman
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popy Spiderman Popy Superman
Popy Superman Back

Bull Mark

Bull Mark released the Apes series in beautiful window boxes in Japan. Also included a detailed catalog/story book


mego ultraman leo

An Ultra-man Leo figure was released in the early seventies in Japan with a removable costume, the doll body is a mego type one with a unique Japanese face. Rumours of Kamen Rider figure abound but have never been seen. This figure is extremely rare although loose Leo dolls (with boxer shorts) have been found in various colours.

ultraman leo by mego

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