Lili Ledy Guason?

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lili ledy mego Joker

The 1977 Lili Ledy Catalog shows the Joker (aka Guason) as part of their "Super Pillos Peleadores" selection for that year and while all the other Fist Fighting heroes have turned up in (albeit small) quantity, the Joker is strangely absent from any known collection. During my tenure as a an avid Ledy collector, this piece drove me to madness. The closest I ever got to it was a rumoured Ledy FF body with white hands. The seller could not provide photos and the deal went sour all of a sudden. It is largely the belief of many that the Guason simply does not exist. It's not known why he'd be dropped from the line and I'd love it if somebody provided me with evidence to the contrary.