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In the past five years the one discovery that rocked the Mego collector community was the discovery that BASA released their own versions of the World's Greatest Superheroes in Peru. While the line was limited to Superman, Batman and Robin. These fun looking figures soon became "must haves" for Foreign Mego fans..

Basa Toys which also distributed such lines as "My Little Pony" and "Star Wars" made their own WGSH figures much like Mexico's Lili Ledy. According to Victor, the figure is made of a lighter material than a normal Mego 8" Hero.

Boxed Basa Robin from Peru differs greatly from his US counterpart, damn the back of the box swings. Note the lack of gloves and the use of the Ledy like body suit/vest combination. To date, about two boxed robins have been unearthed.

Basa Superman along with his cousin from Mexico. Basa Superman wins every staring contest

When I first created this page a couple of years back, I wondered if BASA had made their own Superheroes, boy did I get answered when "El Hombre Nuclear" entered the collector scene. That's right, it's an officially licensed 8" Steve Austin action figure which made a lot of collectors (especially yours truly) heads explode in joygasms. There are about two or three known boxed samples as well, I hope and pray for a major warehouse find of those. I'm missing the chest sticker, which sort of makes this a Ben Cooper Halloween costume I guess.

Close up of the figure shows how much this looks like Lee Majors, seriously it's a sick looking figure. BASA reused this headsculpt for another figure clad in a black outfit, collectors have called it everything from Lex Luthor to Maskatron but nobody is sure who he's supposed to be. I think it's a Jor El but I could be wrong.

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