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Holland was no stranger to Mego product and they got more than one exclusive, above is the Rood Speel doll "Super Girl" which is Dinah Mite but Super Girl is actually slightly taller thanks to an augmented body style. If any body has better pictures of these, I would welcome them. it's likely that Rood simply had Lion Rock make the doll to order. Her body is acutally marked "Rood Speel" making her unique.

Super girls show up in the UK as well, likely she was likely marketed there as well.

Boxed Super Girl and outfit, sorry for the low res pictures.

Action Jackson also saw some exclusive items such as these outfits, the Soccer Player and Royal Guard haven't turned up often. It's not known if there are more Netherland exclusive outfits for AJ. It's interesting to note that this was one of the rare occasions when he was simply marketed by his North American name.

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