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Films Genre: Post Nuke Topics Discussed: Mutants, Canadian Filmaking, Doctor Who

Survival Earth

I'm a huge a sucker for anything that features a bunch of survivors in a post nuclear environment. I've sat through the frightening British production "Threads" to the cartoony "After the Fall of New York" but "Survival Earth" is in a class of it's own

Set in a 1990's post nuke Ontario Canada, SE follows the adventures of John and Miranda, he a former history teacher and she a mutant of sorts (she is really thin). The appearance of Simon, a soldier of fortune who roams the wastelands, complicates their lives. Together, they fend off hoards of vandals (who yell as they run), fight amongst each other and encounter a mysterious stalker.

I first saw this film as a daily serial on Hamilton's CHCH TV around 1987, it looks as if SE is some sort of TV project or possibly a pilot. Shot entirely on video in a Provincial Park (Dundas Ontario), SE starts off as a bit of an action piece but soon starts injecting some science fiction ideas towards the end which results in a conceptual "mish mash".

A rare scene of the cast of Survival Earth just standing around in the woods talking

It's entirely strange to hear your home town mentioned in a Sci Fi flick (Canada is rarely used as a backdrop for such things) so I guess that's why i sort of have a soft spot for this "movie". However, I doubt it's charms will pass on to the casual viewer as it's a slow and amateurish production

The acting is subpar with Craig Williams "Simon" character being the most interesting (but he's a man of few words!), the production values are lower than early 70's Doctor Who and action sequences are piss poor with characters punching and kicking without any sort of connection.


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