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Forget that weak 2000 remake, the original Bedazzled was smarter, funnier and much darker.

The brainchild of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook (who in their day were the 60's version of Cross and Odenkirk) Bedazzled is about Stanley Moon (played by Moore), a snivelling fry cook whose love for a waitress is so great, that after being rejected by her he goes home to hang himself.

Enter George Spiggot (Cook) a man who introduces himself as the devil (hey it's on his card) and offers Stanley seven wishes for his soul. Stanley has nothing to lose, so he signs up only to be put in a series of misadvantures not seen since the monkey's paw.

Stanley meets Lillian Lust another one of Georges traps

Stanley spends the next while getting to know the devil and embarking on his seven wishes, only to be outwitted each time, as the film moves on it gets more absurd. The best parts for me however are the interludes between the wishes, Stanley follows George around while he does terrible deeds, which are mostly lame pranks. The dialouge in these moments (especially when George explains why he was kicked out of heaven) is hilarious.

She's barely in the movie but she gets all the publicity stills

Cook's portrayal of the Devil is so wonderfully droll and at times pathetic, it makes you wonder if Stanley isn't the only loser here.

Despite being a bit dark and sacreligious the whole thing ends on a positive with God getting the last laugh (literally). I can't say enough good things about Bedazzled even Raquel Welch is in perfect form playing Lust, the biggest problem is that you can't get it on DVD.


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